OzSquash Program Now a More Affordable Option for Schools

The OzSquash Program underwent a number of changes in 2016, in order to improve program take-up from schools and children.

Reduced Program Costs

The cost of OzSquash for schools has been vastly reduced. The program can now be run by a coach or centre for the cost of $75/session, or can be delivered by a teacher for just the cost of the equipment kit, now available for $299 plus freight (previously $395).

Squash Australia will also be making available an online eLearning portal where anyone wanting to become an accredited Foundation level squash coach can do so easily all online for just $99. This will also be available to teachers to complete this online coaching accreditation for free and following this they will be able to purchase an OzSquash coaches kit bag at the reduced rate.

More local contacts

Squash Australia has spent time developing and empowering its network of State and Territory OzSquash Coordinators to ensure the program has a more local presence and is able to tap into local initiatives to improve program impact and success. This also means that schools will be linked up with local clubs and centres, to ensure program participants have a pathway into the sport, should they choose to keep it up.

Why OzSquash?

OzSquash is a fun, play-based program designed to develop children’s hand-eye coordination, striking and other sporting skills essential for squash, life-long health and wellbeing.

In the Sporting Schools setting, the OzSquash program consists of four or five ACHPER approved 45 minutes to one hour lessons that can easily be conducted by a local squash coach, and/or PE/generalist classroom teacher as part of the school curriculum.

The major objective of OzSquash is to use a ‘learning through play’ philosophy to develop basic squash-specific skills and concepts as well as other important physical and cognitive skills, via fun games. Many activities within the program are adapted from the ‘Playing for Life’ approach where the major emphasis is on maximum participation, high levels of activity in a fun, inclusive and safe environment using activities that are easily changed, modified or adapted.

All Foundation Coaches can now get access to eLearning

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